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Saw on today’s Kitchen Unlimited.  Fresh Paper Saver Sheets.  I ordered them.  👍

Hope QVC brings more products Made in USA.

It will make America    

And will bring back jobs to America and for Americans.

God Bless the U.S.A.    

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I buy these - and restock when running out - they are a money saver especially when I buy the large boxed organic greens of any kind;

Spinach, Arugula, Spring Mix Greens, Big Lettuce etc... - I cut a single sheet up into 3rds and either place the sheet pieces in the box - it helps the salads last MUCH longer.


I have them in my crisper drawers and in any dried goods ie: Sliced bread, boxed pastries or even the flat bread I get for soft taco night.


I hope you find them as excellent a product as I do - have a good rest of your week.


GO USA!!!!

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I tried them.  They didn't work.

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I went to order 2 things today and I saw they were imported. Decided against it. It's harder to find things made in the USA.