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Has anyone tried these?  If so, are they wonderful?  What do you love about them?  I appreciate your input!

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Re: Landies Candies Creamy Cups

@SurferWife - I believe the cups are new this year—I am excited about them and ended up ordering for two ship weeks. Fingers crossed that they're as delicious as expected!


P.S. In case you didn't notice, the 72-piece set is a much better deal than the individual 24-piece boxes; I was mostly interested in the toffee cups, but I'm now getting two of the combo sets with the better pricing . . . I'm pretty sure we'll enjoy all the flavors.

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Re: Landies Candies Creamy Cups

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Everything looks quite delicious. I believe I'm going to order the peanut butter delectables. . .in a few months.

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Re: Landies Candies Creamy Cups

I purchased a combo set in the largest size last year and they were GOOD!!!! The size was small but the flavor was large. One or two satisfied me and that was the thought when I ordered.