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Can someone PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE inform Patty that those round bread things are called BAY-guls and not BAGGLES?

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@GGS wrote:

Can someone PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE inform Patty that those round bread things are called BAY-guls and not BAGGLES?

Mary Beth used to call them that too. Maybe it's a Minnesota thing?

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mute the sound:, she screeches and screams

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Golly- I hope not…. Because YES PATTY- we DO know what!!. It’s SO annoying that she repeatedly uses the SAME phrase over and over and over again. “And you know what?” or it’s always “and all that stuff”… to the extent that it’s REALLY distracting. I can’t watch her. They should have her take a public speaking class…or at least work with her on her presentation skills. Really missing Chris P.
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I love LocknLock, but have to turn it off since Chris left. In a 1 hour showing, For being a representative of LocknLock for 20+ years, Patty, is a nervous wreck, and must say ....."and you know what" .......hundreds of times.....Instead of watching her, I just look online for the inventory.

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You know what?  You know what?  Patti is a horrible presenter.  All the hosts and presenters need to be coached on public speaking and stop using repetitive fill in phrases.  

@PansyBoo wrote:

How can anyone with eyes, and especially ears, at QVC think that she is a good on air rep for this brand. HOW???


Sorry, but that's just how I feel. And I don't think I'm the only one.. 


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I have a ton of lock n lock. I love the stuff but I agree the voices of the on air talent for this vendor and others leave much too be desired. I often wonder how they get these jobs....

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IDK - I don't mind Patty. I don't really "know" her, only as a backup for Chris. The first time I saw her I couldn't believe how like Chris she sounded. They could be sisters I started getting LocknLock only a few years ago. I guess it was shortly before Chris' husband died. Did they have children? She mentions nieces and nephews- I think, but no other relatives. ,l



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@beach-mom - I don't mind Patti, either. I mean, her voice isn't my favorite, so if she were a daily host, it might make a difference, but even during a full-hour LocknLock show, I think she does fine. As for Chris, she doesn't have any children but does have pets and a farm full of animals. I thought it was quite amusing that Mary DeAngelis shared during ITKWM that part of Chris' recent retirement roadtrip involved going to visit Mary's parents for a few days—I guess at least some of the hosts and vendors really are friends.  Smiley Happy

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And You Know What...............