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Many years ago I bought a LNL set of bowls.  The largest one reminded me of the Tupperware lettuce container my mom had.


This particular LNL has a domed lid.  I wash, dry lettuce then put paper towel in it & store my lettuce.  Keeps for a week or more -- crispy too🙂


I also use my square large one for making a large salad beginning of week and stays fresh.  No browning or wilting.


I love LNL for all my pantry items and just for general uses.  


I have recently started to buy the glass ones -- they are nice too!!!

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YES i have kept lettuce and all produce in the long refri...

YES i have kept lettuce and all produce in the long refrigerator keepers for a few years.  lettuce keeps at least 4 weeks  I do use paper towel for some   Wrape my onions in paper towel befor storing The long contaiers that are listed as refrigerator stack nicely.  some are bigger and I use that one for lettuce I devide up  and celery.  smaller ones for little onions ect....they keep produce for weeks and well worth it.  I have 3 sets.  

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@halloween girl 

Yes!  Our greens stay fresh significantly longer using lock-n-lock!  You should try it.

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I am still using my tupperware lettuce keeper of old and found another one at a garage sale. Love them.

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@halloween girl Yes lock n lock helps keep lettuce longer. And everything else that goes in them like bread, lunch meats, leftovers, bacon etc.  Really protects and extends the longevity of the food. 

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I agree with the Prep Works product. It really does work and this is coming from a once nonbeliever. 

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Chris-   I would love a lasagna glass dish with the cover. The 9x9 pan is great, but how about a 9x13  4inch deep dish for deeper casseroles and lasagna. All others are just not deep enough. That woul;d be great!

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@lynnie61 wrote:

@halloween girl    Hi.  I put my iceberg lettuce in a tall lock and lock with a wet paper towel.  It lasts a couple of weeks.  Yes, it may have a slight rusty piece or two, but 95% stays good.   I know it’s always good at least 10 days.  I just looked, it’s the tall 2.5 quart size.  I cut the head of lettuce in four pieces.  It’s much better than the crisper drawer, almost zero waste.  

Ditto. I use a fairly tall oblong LnL also - tall enough to hold the head without cutting it. I find that this method, including the paper towel, keeps the lettuce very fresh for a long time.

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I can't answer about L&L, but I remove the core, rinse the lettuce and let it drain on a paper towel in my sink, then put it in a zip lock bag. It lasts for almost 2 weeks in the crisper and it's wonderfully crispy!