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I received mine today (June 11).  Fastest shipping from QVC of all my recent orders.  I have items I ordered a week or more before the L n L and they are still in process.  Happy to get my order.

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I placed an order for the pitcher set on the 7th and they arrived today (the 11th). Don't know what has gotten in to them, but I'm liking that fast shipping!

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@Daysdee  Congratulations on your rapid delivery!. Mine had an ETA of 6/19, but, it now looks like I will get it Sat.! I am still impressed.😊



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I got my LnL TSV on Thursday (6/11) as well.

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Got all three of my orders as well.  Two yesterday and one on Wednesday. Looked up the tracking and it's practically next door to me so nice shipping on this brand for me.


Can't wait to try them out and brew some tea for the pitchers.  This purchase came after a lot of rave reviews for the brand and I am impressed so far when I was unwrapping yesterday.  

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They better make a turn around before it's too late. Lots of people are abandoning ship for greener pastures. I've cut way back. 


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My order is still in process - ETA 6/23.

That's OK, I usually buy Sterlite containers, but the L&L

price was good with free shipping so I purchased a set

for our RV.

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Mine arrived in my city Friday, hoping I get it Monday.  It’s ok, I ordered the day of, not the presale. I can wait