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This is a request for a set of 3-4 shakers.  Please, please, please! I got one in a set of lock and lock several years ago, and LOVE it. It has a little pour spout and I use it to pour distilled water into my iron. ( I'm a quilter and iron a lot). But I would love a few more, but not included with other pieces, as I already have tons of lock and lock. Please consider doing this. I would probably purchase several sets! They would also be so great to pour homemade sauces and dressings, oils, whatever. The little flip top to reveal the pour spout is genius! (Would have included a photo, but couldn't figure out how)

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I would love a set also. I have 2  from a previous collection. They are always in use.

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check ebay......

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Those silicone measuring cups are good for pouring too.  Awesome spouts that do not drip.


I have several sizes and do so well for houseplants and irons.  

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Hi, I just checked the Walmart site; if you type in the search box, shaker bottle, a page will come up with a few choices.  Hope this helps.

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I just checked Ebay and they have a set of 2 in the copper color.  The listing states that they are brand new in the original packaging.  I believe they want $23.00 dollars for them along with $5.70 in shipping.  


That's pretty expensive but they were the only L&L shakers that I saw.

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Ask on her instagram page. I doubt she comes here.

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i am not sure which container you are referring to, but i recently purchased these twice now and they make excellent containers for sauces such as cocktail, tartar, mustards, and other condiments. you can open the container and use a spoon or use the pour spout.


LocknLock Set of 4 Large Tritan Spice Containers with Flip Top Lids

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@beebeema - Welcome to the forums! If you want to make sure your suggestion gets to the right person, you may want to send it to @chrisprymeqvc on Instagram. Chris is the Lock&Lock representative on QVC, and she is very responsive to requests. (Vendors don't use these forums; they're for customers.)


Good luck...

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Macy's had a great sale on lnl yesterday and I bought a measuring cup with a lid, might have had a pour spout and a couple other items. They have a ton of locknlock.