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Should Lock & Lock containers be washed on top rack of the diswasher only or can

you place them on the bottom rack as well. It is hard to get the larger pieces on the top rack. 

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I either put mine on the top rack of the dishwasher or wash by hand.

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I would only put them on the top rack of the dishwasher.   I don't put any of my L&L in the dishwasher.   Even if they are on the top rack I'm always afraid they will get damaged.

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As manufacture suggests I throw mine in the dishwasher. I usually put the lids on the top rack and change the heat setting to air dry.

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I've only used the top rack because I'm afraid unseen slight distortion might keep the tabs from closing.  Some of them close hard enough as it is.

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I put my containers in the top rack and the lids in the front of the lower rack. No problem.

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I never put my plastic containers in the dishwasher regardless of the manufacturers cleaning instructions.  I had a friend who did this and had a cover fall out the bottom rack and landed on the heating element starting a fire in her kitchen.  I wash and dry them by hand.

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I have always put the larger containers on the bottom and their lids on top with no problems.

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