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@Glitter51 wrote:

I accidentally let some potatoes cook dry and scorched my Dutch oven.  I've used dawn dish soap and a towel but it still has some black scorch marks on it. Is there anything else I can do??? 

cream of tartar to remove burn marks


add to water and simmer



LeCreuset will darken with use though 

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If I do not use too high heat, do not burn food in the pot, and soak it when I take food out, I have never had a problem with Le Creuset cleaning up.  I have cooked in it since 1992.  


You really shouldn't use high heat especially if the pot is not full or is heating on the stove.  

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so right!    Le Crueset sells a cleaner- I have used it on a few occassions and it works like a charm.   I have 3 Dutch Ovens which I use quite a bit and my children will inherit them.

Worth every penny. 

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Mr Clean magic erasers worked for me with hot water and baking soda.