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Yes, my two knives in constant use (chef's knfe and paring knife) are this brand. I've had them for many years and expect them to last my lifetime. I would replace them immediately if they ever got damaged, and if I could only have one knife, the chef's knife would be the one. 

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Buy the best you can afford from a quality brand and get at least their middle priced model.  If you can only buy one get an 8" Chef's knife.  If that scares you, a 6" utility knife will get you started.


You can go with cheaper paring knives until you are ready to buy a good one!  A serrated knife is a good addition, and if you chop veggies a lot, a nakari knife is great. 

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@kathybnc2 ,


Not to be a debbie downer but it seems like some companies make a "dumbed down" version of a popular item in their line to sell to Home Shopping sites, Amazon, etc. 


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