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I'm having a great time watching Julia Child on our local PBS Create channel.. What a treat to see someone so down to earth and so funny! Nothing choreographed about our Julia -s he cracks me up.

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Loved watching her years ago with my Mom! So glad they bring back the old episodes from time to time

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Love watching her old shows also!

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I will love Julia forever! Hers were the first cooking shows I ever saw as a kid (WGBH shows) and she was so straight forward and unintimidated by the food and techniques that I never ever thought to be anything else myself. Bon Appetite!

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When FIOS introduced the Cooking Channel a few years ago, Julia Child came on every day at 2. Such a difference from these celebrity chefs.

Bon Appetit!

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Loved Julia. Learned a lot. Owned her books.

Nowadays, I'm much more content watching cooks rather than chefs. At least they present dishes I might try - very rarely do I see or read a chef's recipe that makes its way into my kitchen.

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Ihave read just about everything I can about her and her beloved Paul. They both were pioneers when it comes to television......and she HAD to have perfection-what a gift! Poodlepet2
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For those with Amazon Prime, many episodes of The French Chef can be streamed for free.

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I used to always watch her on Saturday afternoons years ago. I'll have to see if I can find her again.

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I remember watching her when I was a child on our local PBS station. It was her original show, in black and white back then. She was the pioneer of today's cooking shows. Always cooking with butter and wine, and lived into her 90's. Then watched her subsequent shows that were also broadcast on our PBS station. Saw her original kitchen when we were at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. I still like watching the cooking shows on Food Network, where they actually cook, instead of many of the contest-type shows that they have on now, although there are a couple that I do enjoy.