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I was in a hurry fixing the spaghetti the other night so the cooking time on the spaghetti noodles was a little less than usual.  "This spaghetti is al dente" I told my DH.  His answer?  "Why can't you buy the brand we usually have?"

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Clueless !!

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"Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."


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@depglass  My husband also is clueless. Yesterday morning I told him that I bought his Lactaid milk and English muffins.

His reply was "Russet potatoes, I'll go shopping today."


   What the? He refuses to wear his hearing aids, so many conversations go this way and he will argue with me about what he heard and insist that is what I said.

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@depglass    Oh my, priceless!  You sometimes wonder, don't you, about how their brains work.  I think some just don't focus, sort of only somewhat hear, not really listening.Smiley Happy


I know my significant other has that tendency . . . but he is still a good guy.



Washington, DC

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My DHs idea of "cooking" is opening a can. So maybe he would think the same!

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@depglass--- that is hilarious--am laughing at that too