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I like some heat, but am not a fan of hot sauce at all.   I prefer to add chopped peppers to my food.

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Pass LOL

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I love hot sauce! My favorites are Texas Pete, El Yucatecto Chile Habanero (the red one), and Goya Chile Jalapeno, which I only recently discovered.

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Trader Joe's Jalapeño Sauce.

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Frank's hot sauce is my favorite. 

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We love Frank's Original hot sauce but don't really consider it to be "hot." It's a delicious blend. We actually use some last night on a cheesy bean dish.


For heat, we use Tabasco or other actual hot sauces.

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Hard to find but worth the search....

OLD BAY® Hot Sauce | Old Bay

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I love hot sauce and use a lot of it. I've found Tobasco has the most heat so that's what I use. I also use Cayenne pepper and crushed red pepper flakes when cooking foods like chili, etc.
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Frank’s when I make buffalo wings

Tapatio or Siracha as a condiment 

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we always have sriracha, tabasco, and franks on hand.

i have also started buying the brand SECRET AARDVARK........usually the habanero and the serrabanero.


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