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I did hear from QVC and they have credited me for the honeybelles.  I've been eating Satsumas and oranges all winter and they have been delicious this year.  Don't know where they are from.  My biggest concern was the H&D connection.


Thanks everyone for your replies.

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You're under the mercies of the weather per the quality of the Honeybells.  So far mine (from Hale Groves) are pretty good.  The only odd thing is that each fruit is different in taste from the other. One could be especially sweet, the other not so sweet to almost sour.  I won't order again, because it's too much for me to eat.  My husband and son are fans. Still, I'm glad I tried it.  

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Last year I started ordering directly from Sun Harvest Citrus in Ft. Myers, FL. I received them about a week ago and they are delicious! I highly recomment Sun Harvest Citrus

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I have bought numerous times, Harry and David pears. I always bought the pears in their stores. They have always been fresh and juicy and delicious. I am so pleased with them that if the store has them, I am buying.


I have also bought honeybelles from QVC. And have been pleased with them. Never had a problem.

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Sumo oranges are amazing and availab;e at grocery stores. You can look up on their site to find out the stores near you that carry them. Pricy but oh so good and you can just buy a few with no shipping.

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Years ago, I ordered a small box of Honeybelles.  Had never tasted them and didn't know what to expect.  They were wonderful!  Juicy; tasty; very flavorful.  Couldn't wait to order them the next year.  Unfortunately, when I ordered the following year, they were drier, less flavorful and full of seeds.  I swore I'd never order them again.  This year, though, they looked delicious and juicy in the presentation; so, I gave them another try.  This is my very last time.  They are VERY juicy; however, they are virtually flavorless.  Also, the pulp is fine; but the membrane between sections is tough and chewy.  Good grief.  I can't believe I ordered the largest box. I'll be paying for these stupid things for months.

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@rezski, you are so right. The Sumo oranges are available now at my favorite grocer (Midwest) and they are wonderful. And, I can buy as few or as many as I want with no shipping while they're available.

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I agree.  I wouldn't have ordered if I knew. Probably why they neglected to mention.