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I just got my Hale Honeybells (HSN), dived right in and ate one. Sweet as honey and so juicy. I examined them all and they're in good shape. My first experience with Cushman's several years ago was disappointing.
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I was wondering why at Whole Foods and another local market which sells Honeybells they weren't always beautiful and enticing on the outside, but juicy and good inside. The explanation from the Cushman vendor helped me to understand that. I've never ordered from QVC because the volume they sell is too big for me alone and I don't like wasting food. I do buy a few at a time when they are available, and they are as good as promoted to be. I typically do not like orange fruit, but I make an annual exception for honeybells and minneolas.

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Just an update......we just finished the box and all were delicious. Ordering more today thru HSN
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Just received mine the other day and made a big pitcher of OJ. Delicious! Honeybells make the best juice! Don't know if they are cheaper, but if anyone wants to shop around, we got ours (gift from in-laws) via Free shipping & I can attest that the fruit is spectacular!

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I wish they'd use a juicer than their hand squeezing and wasting so much. I just hate when they waste any food. I know they have to demonstrate it, but we do get it.

Sending joy, prayers, love and gentle hugs to all who need them this holiday season.
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Well, I know there will likely be some argument that they aren't the same thing as a Honeybell, but I bought a bag of Mineola Tangelos today for $2.99. I just ate one and it was sweet and very juicy. Plenty good for me.

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I've purchased some very good citrus products in the stores recently....they look and taste much better than the HoneyBells. Better price, no waste, no shipping charge....and no surprises! You know just what you are getting. HoneyBells aren't consistently great, or even good. Ratings tell it all.

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Oh, the growers would not like me for saying this, but we had a horrible, wet summer. Georgia peaches were as big as softballs-but they were tasteless....If anybody is saying the Honeybells from Florida are sweet, I am wondering ft those fruits are not being injected-seriously. I don't know what the FDA rules are, but for all the wet weather we had-particularly in that part of the state- how could they produce such sweet fruit?