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@ bellabutterfly  -  watch southern shopping channel tomorrow re: Giannos!!!

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Good Evening All....thanks for your responses. 


I did go to the southern shopping channel and did favorite a couple of their chocolates (need to wait until payday to order).  Anxious to try them.  While over there I notives David's cookies has their chocolate enrobed brownies back.  I really liked them.  I wonder if David's cookies will have a TS this holiday season?


I do like See's candy and thanks to Mr Buffett it can be purchased shipping.


My favorite chocolates use to be chocolate covered peanuts with a vanilla cream center.  There use to be a candy company here in Omaha that made them...that was back in the 60's.  I say use to because I have not found them with the cream center. 

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I was in See's candy yesterday to purchase three pieces of my favorite flavor (butterscotch).  The sales clerk gave my another one as a free sample.  Yum!

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Re: Harry London Candy

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@chickenbutt wrote:

I didn't care for this line either.   Interestingly enough, the Waggoner's line (which is the same family) is a hundred times better.


I just didn't feel like the quality of the ingredients was at all good.  I also purchased them for my gift bags once.  I tried each variety and decided that none of them were worthy.   Oh well - live and learn.  


YMMV, however. Smiley Happy



I like the Waggoner's. I only eat the white chocolate. So good.



See's is the best though!!!!!!!!

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Have ordered a few times thinking it was going to be good, however not so, my  fault, I really don't like it, they bought out Fannie Mae, & their chocolate has really suffered, so for me no more of either, & I do have to say Fannie Mae at one time was the best, not so any more

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when I was young we used to have a candy store downtown , when there were downtowns!  Snyways it was called Fanny Farmer I wonder if that is the same as fanny Mae?  Also when I worked at a hallmark store years ago there candy was  made by fanny farmer also.

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want to order the Harry London for those tins which I really 

Like especially the carousel tins and like the storybooks as well.  The chocolates in my opinon are not even as good as Hersey .   In fact would rather have a hersey bar the chocolate is better Tasting chocolate. I also do love Godiva and Sees.  All a better Quailty ,  but like those tins, so not sure what I will do.


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Re: Harry London Candy

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I never tried Harry London candy and although I was tempted to try the TSV, I think I'll pass after reading some of the comments here.


Last year Evine had a TTV with Waggoner candy. It was a 4lb box of individually wrapped chocolate buckeyes for $36.92. I never even heard of Waggoner candy but I decided to take a chance and order. I'm so glad that I did!


Those buckeyes were the best I ever had, they just melted in my mouth. As a matter of fact, I still have a few left. I ordered them in mid December and kept them in our cellar to stay cool.


Evine still has the item listed but it's now at a 'Holiday' price of $48.96, which I think is still a pretty good price.


I'm hoping that Evine will have another Waggoner TTV this year!

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I ordered it about 10 years ago and decided it was the worst chocolate I ever had.  Gave it all to a bunch of young people who loved them.


They are way too sweet.  I'd rather get a few pieces of Teuscher champaign truffles or chocolates.


Once the Harry London rep demonstrated how ganage is being made.  He used chocolate, heavy cream and sugar.  Ganage is not made with sugar.  Also, he claims that this is an original recipe from about 100 years ago which is false.  Back then (especially in Europe) sugar was very costly; so I guess that additional sugar has been added for today's consumer.

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I will just stick with my faves - M&M's, Milky Way and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!!!

Yummy In the Tummy!!!

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