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has anyone tried these and are they as jumbo as presented on TV?? they sure look yummy.

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There is a nice gift set on sale at their site today featuring pears. Price may be better.

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I have never ordered from QVC @so so but have been to the actual Harry and David store in Florida. I did not see any of the big pears that are being presented on QVC now. However, that doesn't mean that they don't exist in that size. I just think the price is a bit much and have found comparable pears locally. 

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We get them every year as a gift from my Father in Law. It's hit or miss on quality. If you have a problem HD will replace immediately. This year they were small but good. The skin was a little thicker than we like. 

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Big, juicy and covered in pesticides. 

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I bought the 4 lb. box twice because the first box was so delicious.  The pears were a normal size.  The huge pears shown on air today are the 6 or 12 lb. selection. Don't expect to eat them immediately.  Directions included instruct they be kept in the box with the lid on until they fully ripen.  I had to wait a week to eat mine.  I pare them to remove the skin.  They were very juicy and worth the price since they are only available this time of the year.

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We received Harry & David pears as a gift several years ago.  They are memorable.  Best pears we've ever eaten.