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I just received my Vitamix and I want to try a simple green smoothie. Anyone have a recipe that doesn't involve too many green veggies but low cal & tasty?
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I like this one and you can add to it if you wish. Pineapple,Green grapes, Apple, Banana, and Spinach
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Well, I make 'Hard-Core' smoothies that will send my DH running. He is not crazy about smoothies, no matter what they contain. I think he look's at them as for children or women!

Anyhow. Start with this one. You will be able to drink it, and you'll feel good about your health: Start with a handful of baby spinach and about a tablespoon of water-Blast that first to 'break' the cell walls of the spinach-that make's it more absorbable. Then add about 1 broken carrot, 1 quartered apple, 1/4 cup uncooked oatmeal, 1 frozen banana.

Then here comes the options; 1 tablespoon of favorite sweetener, (brown sugar, honey, whatever), spoonful of nut butter,(I use the carrot to get it out of the jar-saves dirtying a knife), spoonful of canned pumpkin, cranberry sauce. Swap out the banana for frozen fruit or ice cubes. In the morning I add some cocoa powder or instant espresso.

You'll have to add more liquid to thin it down-a little at a time until desired consistency is achieved. Experiment with it. Gradually switch over to more green veggies, less fruit,(sugar) and don't forget the whole grains! The oatmeal helps to fill you up. Eventually, look into using Kefir/yogurt to add probiotics. Good Luck!

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Good idea Lacey1
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i like this one to .

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I like laceys recipe too. I drink a green smoothie every a.m. but use kale and spinach that I wilt in the micro for a few seconds as it releases the calcium better than when fresh. Also carrots are the same way. I also use a 100%organic apple juice as my base, about 1/2 c and then use sparkling water when I have it. I only use 1 or 2 fruits, mostly berries and frozen mango chunks and about 1/6 of an avocado. I also buy the broccoli shreds in packages and throw those in there too. Always delicious and very nutritious. I buy the greens in huge bags and then freeze them on cookie sheets and put them in those huge ziploc bags. And have been loving the little satsuma oranges lately. Also add some protein powder. You should start out easy until you find what you like. There are tons of recipes out in the cyber world. I'm still using my moms Vitamix that is 33 years old{#emotions_dlg.w00t} now.

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I do pretty much all veggie smoothies also but it doesn't take too much to sweeten them up. I make mine with handful of spinach, kale, one cucumber, celery, a few carrots, and either a half green apple or half banana or one scoop of strawberry protein mix and ice and water. THey do taste really good but I am thinking they are too strong for a beginner. I have noticed that I get kind of queasy after a few days of them. With that being said, I either drink half one every morning or one full every other day. Great nutrition. I also add various seeds from time to time.

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I make one every workday for DH. He takes it in a to-go bottle. Measurements are approximate.

(Vitamix suggests you begin with liquid ingredients first and add the solids last.) DH never ate fruit before, so now he does. Says drinking this has greatly helped with digestion and he feels better. This tastes "green" to me and not too sweet.

Juice of one small lemon

1/2 cup carrot juice

1 banana

1 orange

slice of ginger (cut off the brown outer layer)

3-4 large pieces of kale. Strip kale away from stalk and don't use the stalk.

3-4 ice cubes

Process in Vitamix until it is smooth.

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Lacey1, I like the sounds of your smoothie. Will have to try. Wagirl, never thought to do that with spinach. Will definitely be giving your freezing mrthod a try Smiley Happy Has anyone tried freezing their smoothies and thawing for later. I've been reading of a lot of people doing this.
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Here is a great tasting smoothie:

one banana

one cup Greek Vanilla Dannon yogurt

one half bag frozen blueberries (12 oz. bag)

one small can Dole Pineapple juice

two handfulls of Kale (stalks and leaves)

this makes about two 8 oz glasses and I drink all of it. Seriously, this is so delicious its like drinking a milkshake.