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Right here with all of you ladies!  Years (and years I bought the first patterns of Corelle that were made.  Not sure of the name back then but it had harvest gold design around the edge.  After many years, I decided to go to other types of stoneware dishes, much heavier that would chip/break and take up a ton of space in my cabinets.   Got tired of that, donated them and went to the Abundance by Corelle with the fruit design (still have some small pieces that I use for my kitty cat's food.)   About 8 years ago, I treated myself to the square all white Corelle dishes.  LOVE, love, love them!   I'll never go back to using any other type of dishes.  I've also returned to using Pyrex bakeware, though I do have a few pieces of Rachael Ray bakeware, even though it's a bigger and heavier than Pyrex it's sturdy and reliable for large types of cooking/baking in the oven.    

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replaced some bowls in my everyday white dishes with corelle and will replace with more as the others go, 

for some reason the bowls are the first to go




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I've used Corelle since I got married in 1977. I did go through a phase of stoneware but they would chip so I went back to Corelle with square plates. White with a black line in the middle of them. 

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@phoenixbrd wrote:

@JeanLouiseFinch I love table settings...too many sets of dishes.  About a year ago, I bought simple white (chose the round) Corelle and never looked back.  I really enjoy using it for everyday casual dishes.  So fresh, practical, easy care....keepin' life simple these days.  Enjoy your new dishes!👍🏼 

@phoenixbrd I like the look of the square plates but not as much for the bowls. DH would use either without complaints but we ultimately agreed round would be best - a clean and simple look, and easier to replace if we ever had a mishap.  

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Re: Going Back to Corelle

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LOVE Corelle!  I have the white in the square.  Just the 2 of us so the set of 6 works perfectly for us.


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I'd really like to have corelle, but if I remember correctly years ago you couldn't use it in the microwave as it gets too hot to touch.  Have they solved that problem?

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Set of 4 Retired Corelle Corning Veranda 10 1/4" Dinner Plates


I have this pattern in service for 12+


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@eddyandme   I believe you are right about the microwave.  My original Corelle (circa 1970's) did get very hot but my new pieces do not get hot just warm.

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Re: Going Back to Corelle

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@ciao_bella  was it Indian Summer? After reading this thread I checked in my basement storage and discovered that I still have my old Indian Summer set of Corelle. It has the gold border and I think I bought it in the late 70s for my first apartment. 😁 My SIL also had an old set called Butterfly Gold that had a gold border pattern.

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Abundance is such a beautiful pattern. I wouldn't mind having it. I just have the sugar and creamer. I have a set I love with ivy all around and one with sunflowers. Very old but love it.