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Who is Walley and Ponch?

Have you ever seen them on QVC?Smiley Happy

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they are the guys at the germack factory who make the stuff

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I guess there isn't much to making it other than combining the right ingredients in the right proportions.

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Wally Szul is the plant manager for the Germack Pistachio Company in Allen Park, Michigan.


I live in Michigan.  Germack is sold in a lot of stores here.  Even Walmart.  You can get some flavors for around 2 bucks a jar. 


Never heard the vendor mention Ponch.  So not sure on that one. Woman Happy

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When my dh worked (for one of the big 3), now retired, Germack would come to his building several times a year selling their products. I purchased a lot! To me, they are the best on the market! But I'm in Michigan and they live just down the "road"! Their freshness is undescribeable! 

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@MezzieStarr @EatWell


Ponch is the "mixer" in the warehouse, according to the Germack lady.