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For awhile I have been thinking that these people are not really the bad cooks that they portray and also, I believe the winner is prepicked. Too often we see the ultimate winner make mistakes that get other people sent home. Not just on this show, but on the other cooking competitions. Regarding their cooking skills, gummy bears?!. Seriously, even bad cooks know that you do not cook with gummy bears except for maybe a dessert. Yet, I am drawn to these dang shows like a moth to a flame. I actually enjoy hearing the chef/mentor tips and recipes.

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I always wondered if these folks are such bad cooks why do they give them such complicated recipes to fix. I consider ,yse;f a pretty good cook and I would have trouble with some of those dishes.

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On 1/5/2015 Sooner said:

More stupid people on tv? NO thanks.

That's pretty much it. Give me a decent cooking show where I can actually learn something and I'll watch it. But I don't have time for this stuff.

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I looked at the first episode of this season and it's not the same without Bobby Flay. I like Tyler, but he doesn't bring the funny like Bobby. This group seems extremely over the top and more unbelievable than in previous shows.

You cannot tell me that that woman did not know that the knife was covered and which side of the knife to use. I turned it off at that point and removed it from my TiVo season pass list.

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did anyone notice that one of the new contestants looks just like Justin (the mad scientist guy) from the last season of food network star.

I googled him, and he and Justin are both from NYC, but had different last names. They look like brothers to me.

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On 1/5/2015 ValuSkr said:
On 1/5/2015 My Thoughts said:

Watched it last night. It is so funny how some of the "cooks" don't anything about anything when it comes to cooking.

One women didn't know she had to take the sheath off the knife, then she used it upside down.

The one show that I don't watch is Cutthroat kitchen-to me, it is stupid.{#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

I know what you mean - where do they find these people?! Sometimes I think they're actually actors.

I thought the same thing about the contestants! Watched about the first 20 minutes of a show the other night and thought this was a joke! Seems like they are all seeing who could be the dumbest about cooking!! I mean, one guy acted like he didn't know how to open a package of cheese and it had a "press & seal" on it!! He ended up cutting the the plastic with a knife...come on!!!!

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On 1/4/2015 Epicurean said: don't forget, tonight Worst Cooks in America returns. My favorite show!!!!

I loved the first 2 seasons of Worst Cooks. Then this latest season started, I DVR'd it Sunday night. Sat down last night - I couldn't get through 20 minutes of all the atrocious acting (yes, acting) from the contestants, the bad script, etc. It's a shame, because in seasons past I actually learned a few good tips from Anne Burrell.

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I just watched E01 of this new season last night. I don't know. I'm not sure I'm going to stick around this time. I have also enjoyed the show in the past but it seems like it has to become way more dramatic, and idiotic, than it needs to be. I guess that's what sells in their targeted markets these days, so I also suppose I'm just not in their targeted market.

Out of the whole group it seemed like there were about TWO normal ones. The knife/sheath thing and then trying to cut with the back side of the blade was a bridge too far. Then I forgot the next remark she made about how it was better to cut with the right side but it was just plain stoopid. A couple of them were way beyond annoying.

I'm still thinking it over. As for Tyler - I suppose he was a little better than I expected him to be but I prefer it with Bobby Flay, or even the one chef Anne played against the first season. I forgot who it was but he was a rather, um, large man.

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I love this show too, but missed it on Sundays. Hope it will be repeated sometime this weekend. I know it's on tomorrow (Friday )morning, but I won't be able to watch.

I know it seems hard to imagine that there are actually people who really have no clue when it comes to cooking anything, but I know better - have a sister like that. She just eats out all the time.