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It so nice to see Rick filling in for David! I remember years ago, my Mum and I used to love to watch the Rick vs David cooking shows!!!! Wish they'd bring back the old days... And, that salad he's making is making me hungry!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

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I like watching him do the cooking shows. He does a great job!

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I'm glad some like him. For me, Rick comes on, QVC goes off.

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As soon as I saw Rick I could not get to my remote time the fast enough!
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Missing David, but I am happy to see Rick. He is one of my favorite host because I love his energy and his presentations. He is fun and light hearted. I think he does a great job.
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I have enjoyed the absence of both Lisa and David. It is time for David to move on like Lisa did.
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Love to watch Rick on the cook shows.

David has brought a lot of life and fun when he took over as the make "home cook" for Q

but I really do think Rick sells everything so well, he makes me laugh.

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first time I have watched the kitchen show in a very very long time....I like Rick and that's the only reason I tuned in......Rick is so much fun ....

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That's why I am watching tennis. Nice guy but just can't watch him I prefer Carolyn on the kitchen programs. Had enough of David too
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Rick...I have photos of my cockatoo, Rocky watching you tonight....if I knew how to post them I would! He is intent on watching you....hasn't even moved since I turned on QVC tonight...LOL!