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I have always liked it when jelly or jam got on my sausage or bacon!


Catsup on eggs is done by many here.


Country people often had tomato slices at breackfast.  Some love a tomato biscuit. (To me, that's too much bread).

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@Sheila P-Burg wrote:

@bhvbum  .....  He's my brother and I love him. I just shake my head. He has and will always be blunt and and says what he thinks. Just at times not very tactfully.


Now ...... What is Texas Pete?


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@Sheila P-Burg Brothers were made to criticize! Lots of people in my family use ketchup or hot sauce on their eggs, and grape jelly is not unlike maple syrup, which is also common on sausage. We use syrup or apple butter on scrapple. I, for one, put mustard on my licorice.

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@PA Mom-mom  " We use syrup or apple butter on scrapple."


👍🏾 👍🏾

"Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."


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@BlueFinch  Boy, I need my eyes examined.  I read french toast as french fries.  I thought oh dear God butter and syrup on fries.


Excuse me now, I'm calling the eye Dr.

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I don't eat ketchup on my eggs, but I do like grape jelly on scrambled eggs... 😊

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sign me up for jelly on my saugage bisquit .....

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You like what you like.  All that matters.  I know many people who put ketchup on their eggs.  

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I don’t find those two particular eating habits peculiar at all. Growing up I used ketchup on my scrambled egg (I don’t eat many scrambled eggs now).  I like cranberry jelly on my turkey so I think grape jelly on turkey sausage would be similar and tasty. 

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Peanut butter and jelly on French toast.  Yum.