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@Epicurean wrote:

I was raised on hellmans and would use nothing but.  I live in Virginia and always see Dukes in southern recipes. I bought a bottle this past week. OMG,why did I not try this sooner. It is fabulous. I made chicken cakes today. Similar to crab cakes,and the recipe also has a sauce included. I used Dukes and even my hubby noticed how good 

from now on it's Dukes for me!

Hi @Epicurean , 

Would you mind sharing your chicken cakes recipe?  I''ve never heard  of them before but if they are similar to crab cakes, then I  feel certain that they wi[l be delicious! 


Love Duke's mayo!  Its headquartered Richmond, VA parent company, C. F. Sauer (spices) was family owned for about 90 years before being sold to a company out of Charlotte in 2019..  However, the mayo was the creation of Eugenia Duke of Grenville, SC in 1917.

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Re: Duke’s Mayo

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"I’ve heard of Duke’s but I’ve never seen it in our area either.  I’ve started buying a mayo made with avocado oil."



Is that the Primal Kitchen brand one?  I buy that because of a health issue I have to watch the type of fats and oils in products.   I really like it!!


Duke's is worshipped here in the South.  To me, it is "meh". 

Janet in Georgia