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Re: Do you eat with your πŸ‘€?

@house_cat  LOVE, love, love that your hubby knows it's his job to eat the ugly ones first.  Smiles.  When my beloved Maman was alive, we kids got to taste test the less than perfect ones.  Thanks for bringing back a lovely memory to me.  Smiley Happy 

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Re: Do you eat with your πŸ‘€?

@shoptilyadropagain wrote:

50/50....I like for whatever I'm eating to look appetizing but don't care for the high end "artistic" look.  Once you start layering your protein, green vegetables and starch in one mound and add schmears (sp?) and dots, micro greens for garnish, etc. it's gone over the top and doesn't appeal to me.


I totally agree. Those "architectural" dishes are silly, in my opinion.

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Re: Do you eat with your πŸ‘€?

Eating for me is simply something you have go do, it's not a lifestyle & I don't care how it looks plated...I decide what I want, ploop it, eat it & I'm on to something else.

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Re: Do you eat with your πŸ‘€?


I'm extremely food-neurotic so I definitely eat with my eyes and nose to a great degree.


These days, I have days where I just absolutely don't want to eat at all so that's a challenge.  But if something is not pleasing to my eyes and nose I'm not even going to touch it and I need to get away from it.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Do you eat with your πŸ‘€?

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I don't bake but I am the queen of garnishes!  I think you do definitely eat with your eyes whether it is a dollop of sour cream with some chopped chives on soup or a smattering of sauce under scallops or chicken.  

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Re: Do you eat with your πŸ‘€?

For me it does have to look good. Smell good.
I know when I've goofed up.
I don't like short cuts especially ...well every thing!
I still have Martha Stewart's cookbook,from 27 years ago. I have others too,of course!
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Re: Do you eat with your πŸ‘€?

I didn't used to think so.  I like most food. from wedding spectaculars to stews and crumbles.  It's all good.....BUT  I went out to a "fancy" restaurant and they put a FOAM on my plate.  The affect was instantanious.  Apparantly I do not like the sight of wet bubbles in my food.

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Re: Do you eat with your πŸ‘€?

Yes. If it does not look good I don't want it. LOL!!!

If it's mushy I'm not going to eat it.