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 Do you keep it on the counter all of the time or in the one side of the sink, if you have a double sink?


I have one that I put away after I use it. But have sometimes kept it in the one side of double sink.


Just wondering what others do Smiley Happy I never had a double sink before now.

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I leave mine on the counter all the time.

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I leave mine in the sink.    I leave a clean dinner plate, a salad plate, and a fork, knife & spoon in it.    Everything else gets put away.   (To tell the truth....I don't use much else).

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No dish drainer here. Dishes go in the dishwasher unless I decide to wash, then I use the dishwasher as the drainer.

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I used to put the dish drainer away because we generally only ate one meal at home, when I worked. But now that I am retired, what a change.


The dish drainer is out all the time. My husband eats a light snack before he goes to the gym. Then after coming home from the gym he makes a full breakfast. He then has lunch and snacks before dinner. He seems to generate quite a few dirty dishes. Then the dog now gets a hambuger every meal in addition to his regular food. 


Never put the dish drainer in the double sink, the double sink seems to fill up with dirty dishes.


I really think I could run the dishwasher more than once a day. So I wash dishes and silverware often throughout the day. Just to try and keep up with all the dirty dishes that pile up. So the dish drainer stays out because I end up washing dishes so frequently.

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I hand wash my dishes and dry them right away so I don't use one.  

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I have a decorative wrought iron one that stays out all the time.

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I have a mini stainless steel one that stays in the sink. It secures onto the sink top with those slider bars. I always have travel mugs and spoon rests draining in it. 

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I would NEVER keep a dish drainer out! Just clutters up the place. I put my used dishes in the dishwasher and when they are cleaned I put them back where they belong. I'm a stickler about keeping my house clutter free. 

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  When I had a double sink in the kitchen I didn't disable 50% of it by keeping a dishrack (full or empty) in it.