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I keep mine on the counter all the time. I wipe it off and clean it each day.

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I've always had a double sink and have a dish drainer in the sink at all times.  I hand wash everything let it air dry and put away.  I have little counter space so in the sink works for me.

My daughter, on the other hand, just purchased a $100+ over the sink drain rack that sticks up in front of the window over the faucet.  I hate it!!  She LOVES it!  To each their own.

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I haven't used a dish drying rack for over 20 years!  Instead I use a thick cloth mat designed for drying dishes.  I will place some dishes on it (most go into the dishwasher) and will hand dry them so I don't have dishes sitting out drying.  I'll roll up the mat & put it away.  


Having a dish rack out all the time just looks like visual clutter to me.  I like a clean look and  I prefer a single but deep & large sink.

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I have never had a drainer on the counter, nor did my mom.  I have had a drainer basket in the left sink, but since the mid 1960's at mom's house and mine dirty dishes go in the dishwasher and it's turned on late at night.


There are two of us, retired and we cook and eat and fill our dishwasher up every day.  Even if it is half or less full we load and wash things.  Then they get put up in the morning and it starts again.

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@denisemb wrote:

@shoptilyadropagain wrote:

I hand wash my dishes and dry them right away so I don't use one.  

I hate you.


Just kidding - you're much less lazy than moi.  Woman LOL

@denisemb   LOL!  I have a small kitchen and I'm a little (OK A LOT) OCD when it comes to clutter.  It's a small price to pay to save my sanity Woman Very Happy

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Well, they're still being sold so, obviously, people are still buying them.

We have one, too. We have plenty of counter space, so there's no "clutter." As a matter of fact, since there's very little else on the counter, aside from the coffeemaker, canister set, blender, and utensil holder, that spacious counter looks pretty bare without the dish drainer lol.

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Proudlyfromnj, thank you for your obvious idea.  When I wash something by hand, I dry it on the edge of the sink, balanced on the center divider.  Then I pray DH doesn't knock it off.  How could I have missed this after 30 years owning a dishwasher?  

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@In-x-s   I never heard of one like that your daughter got!!

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I keep the large dish drainer out all the time - on a large drainboard. I'm very quick about putting away my dishes a few minutes after washing them. I always keep my cup on the metal holder on the side of the drainer and keep my little dog's plates in it. I also have a double sink.

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Same here.