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I ordered it but was interested if you liked his previous books?

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I ordered it because all his other books I picked up used at Goodwill. There are recipes in each one that I like and occasionally cook but nothing is a go to recipe. 

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Yes, I enjoyed browsing his recipes but only made two or so. I got his cookbooks through our local library.

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I have seen the other books, either from the library book sale or the library, and they aren't geared toward how we cook or what we eat.  

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@Sooner That's what I found in Meridth's book - she made stuff I never heard of

and ingredients no clue what they were.

I still have one million dishes............. I'd love to make listed on Google recipe websites.  LOL

No more 'cook books' for me.

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They need to offer this with free shipping.  It's foolish because QVC knows there will be several "free shipping" days now until the book is released.    So several thousand people will pay an extra $3.50 instead of the ones that preorder on the free shipping days. 

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@CoffeeNut   I think the priced is reduced today for the pre-orders, but one should be able to cancel and re-order on a free shipping day to save the $3.50, but the price may be higher. 


I was hoping the launch day would offer a combo deal, like the cookbook with a ITKWD coffee mug or apron, or something else, for a discounted "combo" price.  Not interested in the FB added value.  


I have the other books, and will wait.  I enjoy reading them, but they aren't my "go-to" book and I've got way too many cookbooks already.  I think I bought the last one he did as an "as-is" item, on a free shipping day. 

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@CoffeeNut  People should just wait for a free shipping day to order this book.  

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I purchased the first book.  The font was very small and light - difficult to read.  I think they may have improved that over the years.


Yes, some of the recipes were good, others were just too involved for my cooking interests.


For this book they're mentioning over 100 recipes with 10 or less ingredients.  I guess my interest would be a whole book of about 8 or less ingredients.

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I bought the first book. Most of the recipes were not something I would cook.  I threw the book away.  I'm not a David fan anyway.  I didn't buy the second because it was all "not homemade".  I will not buy this one.  I don't feel that he really invents these recipes.