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He really looks fantastic since he's lost some weight.

He's at the right weight for his height.


Looking swell, David !



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Way to go David! 

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I remember years ago how he use to say how he worked out all the time and he was in great shape.  Age creeped in and over eating and slowing he packed it on.  He looks much better at his new weight and much better for him.  He sure has made a big change in what seems like a short period.  Determination and exercise is the key.


I walk every day but still was not dropping any weight.    Time to change what I was eating and the in between snacks.   I still walk, diet and exercise more and I have dropped 11 lbs.  My goal is 15 lbs or so.  Never heavy my whole life but older and menopause and slowly creeps on.  I'm not heavy now but 15 lbs around the middle is uncomfortable and just not for me.  It does not come off as easily as it use to but it does come off. Easy to get discouraged too but my husband said just keep at it and you will get to your goal. He thinks I am funny and says you look good to me and I say I hide it well.  Lol


I have  too many nice clothes to put on weight and start over.  I just keep saying to myself keep at it and don't eat that.  What about that new swim suit!!


Not a fan of aging !






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@Roscoe the Rascal  Have you been able to get that area around the belly to reduce? I used to be able to lose weight whenever I wanted and reduce the belly, where I carry extra weight. Then the big change stopped all that. It's alot harder now and I haven't been able to lose anymore. I also have less will to try. Would love to know if it's still possible. Then I might have to actually start working on it again.

Have a great day & congrats on your success. 

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David loses weight. And I find it.  

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So happy for David. He looks great, I imagine he feels great and, above all, he appears so much healthier!

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Does anybody have a current pic of him?    I remember when he was VERY fit and he looked just wonderful.   


I've always liked David.  We have the same birthday (except he's 10 yrs younger).  One year, long ago, I sent him a 'happy birthday' on our birthday email.  He responded so gracefully.   That was very cool.

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@Infinite Mom 47 wrote:

David loses weight. And I find it.  


lol! me too

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I agree that David has been looking much better and has lost quite a bit of weight.  In other posts, it was about 68 lbs?  However, most of the items they are currently offering are food items with full presentations.  David has been sampling mostly everything that is presented (meats, candies, cookies, etc.) Hopefully, he will not undo what he has accomplished.

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He does look good but he is tasting alot of no-no's on his show! those ittle tastes all add up!!