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I like David Dangle.  Prefer him to the new rep. 

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Dangle LOL

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@Big Joanie wrote:

I thought OP was talking about David Venable .....

I was LOL

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@Caaareful Shopper wrote:

@Reever wrote:

I will watch her. Is she new ? Can't stand that stuffy David Dangle. 

@Reever The OP was referencing David Venable — he will not be back to his ITKWD show until Jan 7th.  


Back to David Dangle, the Joan Rivers vendor— I think he is anything but stuffy.  He’s quite charming, has a wonderful love for Joan, and a great sense of humor, IMO

@Caaareful ShopperI agree 100%, I follow David D. on IG and he has a wonderful sense of humor and great love for his pup Gus.