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Cooks Essentials Bread Machine - Replacement Parts?

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I got their double bread maker some years ago, and it's still being used today. I am shocked that I've never had any problems with it, it's been a very good piece of equipment.


But recently, I used only one side to make a loaf of bread and I forgot to put the emtpy bread tin in the side not being used, and the heat melted and frosted the clear window on the top of the lid. I looked online and the only replacement parts I could find were the paddles, belts, and bread tins. There weren't any parts for the lids, or even replacement lids themselves.


I've contacted QVC to see if they have a parts location for the appliances the don't sell anymore, but I have yet to hear back from them.


Apparently QVC uses different third party manufacturers to make their different products. I would like to know who made their bread makers so I can contact them and find out if I can get a replacement window for my machine lid. Does anybody know who made their bread makers?


It would be REALLY nice if QVC would stock replacement parts for their Cooks Essentials lines.