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@faeriemoon wrote:

I've never heard of this place.  I thought the thread was about one of these:


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The OP either misspelled or her device made an autocorrection and she was unaware when she submitted the post.  The fast food restaurant is named Culver's.  They are  known for their signature  butterburgers, signature root beer, and ice cream treats. 

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@JeanLouiseFinch Thank you for that information. Woman Happy

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We live in between 2 Culver's and their food is really good. It is pricey though. I love their Pot Roast Sandwich, it is very filling and delicious...Their burgers are good as well as their Chicken tenders......My granddaughters love to eat there when they come down!Sometimes on a Sunday hubby and I will stop there after church, and it usually costs us about 25.00.....

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Culver's slogan is "Welcome To Delicious" & everything I've ever had there has been very good.