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When we are feeling like having a Friday fish fry, but don't want to wait an hour to be seated, we get a Culver's cod dinner to go. Always tasty!

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Maybe not important to many, but I appreciate that Culver's offers broccoli as a side dish since we don't eat fries anymore.  We always get our burgers w/o the bun, too,and  they put the burger and toppings neatly in one of their paper boats. We rarely eat fast food anymore. When we do, it's Culver's 90% of the time.  

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@RealtyGal2 wrote:

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We always order the kid's hamburger meal with everything. You get fries, small drink, and one scoop frozen custard in a cone or bowl. The kid's burger is a decent size. You can't beat the price, in my opinion. 

I paid $18.00 last night for a fish sandwich, onion rings, coleslaw, and a large ice tea. It was delicious, but I agree with the others, it was expensive. Wish I could afford to eat there more often. 

Where do you live? Those items here in the Tucson area are $13. Still a lot but all prices have increased - not just fast food.

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We have Chick Fila but I've never heard of Culver's here, we're in Fl.  I agree, FF is expensive and the quality is usually poor.

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When we go to Culver's we always dine in.  I have no interest in to- go meals.   Food that should be hot is always just warm by the time you get home, then you have to re-heat it, etc.  I also prefer a change of scenery rather than rushing back to home.



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I love Culver's.  They do have some Value Meals available although it's hard to spot them on their menu.  That's what I get a lot of times.  I also like 5 Guys but they can be pricey too!

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I’ve never been to Culver’s that my food wasn’t hot and fresh, the restaurant wasn’t exceptionally clean, and the team wasn’t friendly and welcoming. I don’t mind paying a little more for that.
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We don't have one of those plus I have never heard of it.

They just opened a Sam's Southern Eatery here that I heard was good. A friend said the fish was really good.

Looks like Sam's Eatery serves, seafood, chicken, burgers plus sides etc.

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they have coupons, that come in the mail. excellent shakes and love the different flavors. people are super nice. during lent they have walleye dinners, that my hubs loves. pricey but i can't make it.

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I've never heard of this place.  I thought the thread was about one of these:


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