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Keep hearing about their lfetime warranty, but anyone know what I need to do to collect on it? Have a years-old saute pan that is so scratched up and would like s replacement!
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Re: Cook's Essentials Warranty

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I;ve been a member/customer of QVC for at least 25 years and honestly this is the one problem I have with QVC. It's my understanding that if the product is no longer manufactured, the lifetime warranty is void.  I have two sets of cook's essentials stainless steel non-stick cookware.  One set...non-stick is coming off pan after a few years of use but stainless steel ok.  Second set...stainless steel has corroded after just one year of being cleaned in our new dishwasher, but non-stick okay. Meanwhile, I am a very disappointed!  I think QVC let us down on this issue.

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Re: Cook's Essentials Warranty

@shayn42 - In order to take advantage of the lifetime warranty, you will need to have the item number at the very least and preferably the paperwork stating that the item is covered by the warranty; I don't believe every CE item is covered, and I'm fairly sure that in the early years, many pieces did not have a lifetime warranty. In addition, as has been noted, if the item is no longer made and cannot be directly replaced, you may be out of luck, as there is no way for anyone to fulfill the warranty.


All that said, I have successfully replaced/exchanged pots and pans covered by the warranty over the past few years, so it certainly is possible to do so. If you decide to call QVC customer service to ask for help, you may get a representative who doesn't know how to assist you—if that happens, see if the person can give you a direct number for the CE customer service team. Alternately, you could try reaching out to the moderators of these forums to see if they can help: