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I have many, but favorites would include Panera's Lobster Bisque Soup (seasonal) and Sam's Makers Mark BBQ Baked Beans with Brisket Pieces. Just heat and serve!

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@Sweetbay magnolia wrote:

Rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, and then there is the store brand stuffing in a box.  Southeastern Mills gravy mix, too - country gravy, chicken gravy, brown gravy.  Nuke some frozen veggies and there's a meal for DH.


Ooh, I forgot about the Southeastern Mills Gravy Mix.   I've only used the country gravy, but it's the best I've ever tasted.   I keep a bunch of it on hand, in L&L, in the freezer.   Been too long - need to make up some of that.


Speaking of convenience foods, I also have a supply of chicken fried steak and chicken fried chicken in the freezer (all vac-sealed, of course), so it's probably time to "make" some gravy!  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Convenience Foods

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I usually cook from scratch, but Stoffers' Stuffed Green Peppers with Creole sauce are delicious!



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@QVC kitty 1   I love Trader Joe's Organic Jasmine Rice - just microwave the individual bag for 3 minutes. Box comes with 3 bags. They have brown rice also. 

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@Pook wrote:

Mine is Idahoan Mashed Potatoes.  All you need to do is add a package to 2 cups boiling water and nothing else.  Butter and seasonings already in package.  Does not taste  fake like regular instant mashed potatoes.  I got these when I had several broken bones in my arm and now I see no need to waste time peeling potatoes and mashing them.


@Pook they're the best, aren't they!  I always say if my Irish mother only knew, lol.

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Marie Callendars should be against the law😄

They are ridiculously good.


I have a lot of things I love that are convenience foods-all frozen and mostly  but also lots of new vegetarian friendly things-you would be amazed-companies are getting very good at this and I'm not talking about Beyond Meat-so gross but tastes so good but if a vegetarian I don't want it to mimic what meat looks like! Anyway, it's so lovely to just put in microwave and eat when you are too tired to do anything else!

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I buy already chopped veggies -------don't buy  boxed stuff but my hands/fingers are not able to do much with sharp knives--except cut into me!!!!Woman Surprised

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I purchase most of what was mentioned!  Also get frozen chopped onions, peppers  and onions, carrots and celery, individually packaged and frozen together.  So useful for soups, stuffed pepper soup and stuffing. 

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Pepperidge Farms layer cakes, especially the coconut one.  Always have one in the freezer to thaw when needed Smiley Happy  I buy a few when they are BOGO.


Bagged Caeser salad kits.  In the summer I either grill or saute a few chicken tenders to top it with.


and Rotisserie chicken!

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Maine Lobster Ravioli (just add butter and grated Parmesan cheese) and Rotisserie Chicken - both from Costco.