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I want to purchase a cast iron pan...the nice old black ones are the ones I really like.  


I always undersoodt the Giriswold brand was the best to buy, the vintage ones.....if I cannot find one locally to purchase what is the next best option, which I guess would be new.





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As per ATK, their recommendations are:

Traditional...The Lodge Classic Cast Iron Skillet, 12"

Enameled...The Le Creuset Signature 11 3/4" Iron Handle Skillet.

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Re: Cast Iron question

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There are lots of Griswold pans on eBay. Many have been restored and I don't know anything about the quality of that process, but some others look to be in their original used condition.


I have a Lodge and love it. It has an orange peel type texture which I understand is characteristic of Lodge pans and how they're made; some other makes are smoother surfaced. One brand that is highly rated (and from China!) is Victoria. Apparently those are more smoothe and have great balance and weight. A couple years ago I was researching cast iron skillets and was fascinated by the variations in make and quality and the variety of factors to consider. It was fun!

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I've used the 12" Lodge skillet for decades, it's a workhorse that just gets better with age.

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Get a Lodge. Don’t forget to season it before using the first time and oil it after cleaning.  

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If you want traditional cast iron, only get Lodge pre-seasoned.  It works.


If you want enameled cast iron Le Creuset is the best.  I like their deep skillets a lot!  And yesterday baked a spatchcocked chicken in one of their signature skillets and it was perfect!  The black interior is great.


Call some of the outlet stores and see what they have on sale.  

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Lodge is made in America (except for their enamel) and is top notch and has always been affordable.  I use Lodge iron skillets which my great-grandmother used over 100 years ago.  Good as new!

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Buy a Lodge 10.25" or 12" skillet.....Walmart and Amazon carry them....


Even though they say they are "pre-seasoned" can still season and reseason them over time.....


(NOTE:LODGE enamlelled cookware is made in China. the black cast iron, in Tennessee).


There are  TONS of videos on You Tube on how to care for cast iron, seasoning, re-seasoning, storing, etc.....


****Kent Rollins on You Tube I find to be the best on advice***


You may want to watch FIRST to see the involvement of proper care of cast iron skillets!!!


You can NOT treat or store NON-enameled cast iron skillets or pots like you would aluminum or non-stick pans....


I love my Lodge cast iron skillets, and I actually like the act of taking care of them. It adds to the experience of cooking all my own food. I even use  mine over and directly on the burned down coals on my frequent stick fires ( I live in a rural area where a lot of little branches drop in storms....I like picking them up because that's great exercise too....!) then I build a small fire, and when it burns down, cook my luncn in the cast iron skillet.



Good luck!


Note: Griswold is out of business. You can get them on E-bay, but if you are just starting out, spend less than 20.00 on a Lodge skillet, learn how to care for and clean it, and good luck!!


Plan to make a big batch of bacon first time use....!!!

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Re: Cast Iron question

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We've had Lodge for many years.  Made in USA.  Love the stuff.  The traditonal black items are made at their factory in TN.  The enamel coated stuff is made in China; wouldn't touch it.