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@kaydee50 wrote:

Who is she?? Never heard of her.



Carla Hall

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She's a loud, obnoxious chef. She's been on some of the baking shows on the Food Network.

I wish her 15 minutes of fame were up.  


I used to love the Baking Championship shows until she hosted or was a judge on them.   

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Yikes !





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Re: Carla Hall Line

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From the "sneak peeks" I doubt that Carla will offer anything novel or new.  Seems like gadgets and accessories and baking aids and pans akin to stuff offered by Cooks Essentials,  Cuisinart, Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, KitchenAid  et al......


But I will definitely be watching!  Carla is highly entertaining and great fun to watch at work in the kitchen.........


Good Luck to her and if something strikes my fancy I'm open to a purchase. 

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the only celebrity cookware that i have and love, is curtis stone.


Carla will give Shawn a run for her money when it come to glass frames. If they do a show together, yikes.Smiley Very Happy

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QUOTE: The only celebrity cookware that I have and love, is Curtis Stone.


Ditto! - Love me some Curtis Stone - His products have never disappointed.


I'm in the neutral camp re: Carla - She's no better or worse than the rest of them IMHO.

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We were at "The View" taping before covid and Carla was a guest showing what to prepare for a Superbowl Party.


She had a mini workstation set up to the right of the stage and was cooking during the entire taping.  She was so much fun.  During the commerical breaks she would interact with the audience, danced with some audience members in the isles.  


Meanwhile, the regular hosts of The View didn't interact at all with the audience during the breaks,  they all sat silent playing with their phones.  As soon as the show was over the hosts immediately left but Carla came out to the exit where we were leaving and took pictures and was very gracious to everyone.   She has a fun personality.

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Re: Carla Hall Line

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Carla's stuff is now available.   Sheet pan, hand blender, butter keeper, measuring bowls...cute but reminds me of the Molly Yeh line available at Macy's. 


Also some food items, a pecan cake, cornbread mix.....

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A good brand ambassador can sell anything.


What ever happened to Aaron McCargo Jr?  I have an excellent CE pan and I like the new rep, but I wonder about him.


I've also enjoyed Good Housekeeping items purchased on the Q.  Decent quality for the price and that rep is quite personable.  Can't quite recall her name though.

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Rochelle Palermo.


She also works with Curtis Stone on HSN.