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I would also buy the small square pan if offered as separate purchase.
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LOL I actually have a set of two of these with a glass press. The Curtis Stone one is square though, what  attracted it to me.

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@sammybs wrote:

That's very sweet of you to think of giving this as a gift. This is a great set with a variety of choices! I started out with a "Try Me" 8" inch pan, and fell in love! I've gotten quite a few more pieces, and every time Chef Curtis Stone is on, I can't help myself! I just got the three little loaf pans! All his stuff is very easy to clean! Now I can't wait to cook because I don't dread cleaning them.

Oh, Me too....always have to get a couple of things when he's on,

I love all his gadgets and cooking stuff that helps save time or make

it all easier

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I love his cookware/bakeware.  I would like to see more small vessels; I have enough very large items from the sets and I need smaller as I mostly cook just for myself.  Love the clean-up on his items.