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With beans----or not

With cheese----or not

With hot spices----or not

With crackers----or not

With raw onion----or not

With ground beef, or cubed beef

With a lot of chili powder---or not

With whole tomatoes---or not

I guess what I am trying to say.......How do you like to eat yours...........{#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}

I like mine with no beans, made with ground beef, and with a dollop of sour cream, and cheese on top, then stirred in ......I also want a ton of crushed soda crackers (saltines for non Southerners) mixed in it, not on the side.......Cool I also add in a heck of a lot more chili powder than most recipes or not.......AND no whole tomatoes, or even chopped tomatoes, but tomato sauce and paste.........Cool

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I'm one of those people who think "medium" salsa is spicy. {#emotions_dlg.laugh}

For me, chili is a comfort food, not a gourmet adventure. I like it simple and smooth.

My chili is made with ground beef browned with onion, lots of beans, tomato sauce (no chunky tomatoes in my chili), and chili powder. I usually don't top it with other stuff unless I have leftover sour cream that needs to be used up. I like plain saltines with it, but not in it.

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Chill , ground beef, chopped onion and celery, whole tomatoes, broken up,kidney beans in sauce, a can of beer.Simmer a few hours or quicker in a pressure cooker.Smile

Then sour cream or cheese. I do add chili powder while it is cooking.

A pan of cornbread instead of crackers, or both.

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with beans......dark red kidney or a combination of them with black beans. i like lots of beans.

mild spice.....sriracha, cayenne, and chili powder in the chili, but no extra after the cooking is done.

a mixed shredded cheese as a condiment.

sour cream as a condiment

onions cooked in the chili AND vidalia onions chopped as a condiment on top.

a little bit of masa flour for thickening.

chopped tomatoes or a tomato puree......and a spoonful or two of paste.

ground beef or a combination of ground beef and ground chicken or turkey.

saltines for scooping up the chili (the cornbread sounds good also!)

i think i am going to be making a crockpot full for the RAVENS game on saturday!

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Ground beef or turkey

Beans sometimes either kidney or canalini

sometimes sauteeded onions or tomatoes

Each time it tastes different depending on what I have around in the fridge

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try caramelizing the onions before putting them into the is so delicious!

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I like my chili all sorts of ways, sometimes ground beef, sometimes chopped beef, even turkey chili, and both with or without beans. One thing it does need to be is on the spicy side, sometimes I'll add some chopped jalapenos. I'm making Chili today with ground beef, kidney and Anasazi beans, chopped onion, tomato sauce (might add some chopped tomatoes too), and lots of chili powder. A little bit of grated cheese on top, and crackers on the side. Yum!

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I always convert every recipe I make into something healthy. Therefore I never add any kind of meat to the chili I make. The protein are the beans. I make one heck of a chili! Meatless, healthy and delicious! Smile

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Since DH found this recipe it's the only one he will eat. He does not want any other Chili.

Da`mn Good Chili

1-2 T olive oil

1 lb sirloin, cubed

1 lb ground beef

1 large onion, finely chopped

1 bottle of beer (DH uses a bottle of his homebrew)

1 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes

1 c strong coffee

1 T tomato paste

1 T chili sauce

1 T cocoa powder

½ c finely chopped mild jalapeno pepper

¼ c brown sugar

1 T heaping of cumin

1 t heaping of coriander

1 t cayenne pepper

1 t sea salt

2 15 oz cans kidney beans

1 15 oz can white beans

2-3 large carrots, sliced discs or 12 baby carrots cut up

In large stock pot, heat oil over med heat to brown sirloin first then the beef.

When meat is lightly browned add onions.

Add the beer, tomatoes, coffee & tomato paste.

Add sugar, spices & kidney beans.

Reduce stove to low & let simmer for an hour.

Add white beans & carrots, simmer for another hour or two; longer is better.

Season as needed.

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CHILI does not have beans. Chili bean soup does.

My regular chili is very much like Wick Fowler's 2-Alarm mix, but has more spices in it--not hotter, just more spices. It is thick, dark red and rich and you can't eat a big bowl of it. Well, maybe you CAN but you don't want to. The beef can be ground or cubed, but must be best quality. I eat it with a spoon and a FEW crackers. NO cheese, onions or such on he side. Maybe a side of Tums later...

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