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I make yeast rolls often , loaf bread and cinnamon rolls occasionally I have made pizza crust also
We love oatmeal bread I bet your health bread is delicious
I was given starter and used to make sourdough years ago but let the starter die because I got tired of dealing with it
It made 3 loaves my family just doesn’t eat bread that often we’d end up giving away one or two loaves every few days
I still get asked if I have made sourdough bread
I’ve thought about starting a new starter but haven’t yet
I think I fed it instant mashed potatoes?

I use a K A mixer to mix the yeast dough I had a bread machine thinking it would be easy but I just didn’t like it I’d rather do it by hand I ended up giving it to my daughter she makes bread a lot in winter with it
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Re: Bread baking

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Yes, my husband still makes all our bread from scratch. So delicious, store bought just can’t compare to homemade. Rolls, focaccia, loafs, Sourdoughs, all good. Always on the look out for new flavors and types of breads to make.

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Re: Bread baking

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  Hi  @gloriajean  & @Bakers   Woman Happy


Thanks for this topic & responses!


There is nothing!  Like the scent of freshly baking bread, filling the kitchen & whole house! Yumm!


When I could stand for longer periods of time, I made my own bread, cinnamon rolls, etc... Knead, Rising, repeatedly.   Even in a good Bread Maker, it's great!


Some of the best bread I've made came from fantastically, curated Gluten Free Cookbooks, when using Gluten Free bean flours & other items I was unfamiliar with, vs yeast, for instance. 


At Thanksgiving, I used to Oven cook Baked Potatoes, Prime Rib, & Bake Bread, all concurrently, and it was absolutely 0rgasm1c!.  The synergy of all three baking.


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I'm making bread today but in my bread machine.  OUr garden is doing so well this year and we're getting lots of tomatoes.  Like to have BLT's and thought it would taste even better on some fresh made bread.  My SIL gave us some dill pickles she canned which will go great with them.

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@ciao_bella wrote:

I got into bread baking mostly during the pandemic.  I like doing the more rustic no knead yeast breads that you bake in a Dutch oven with a lid.  Love how they come out.  I've made all kinds from breakfast sweet breads with cinnamon and raisins or cranberry with orange, etc.  My son love the jalapeno cheddar bread, the caramelized onion with Italian herbs or the rosemary garlic bread .   I don't bake bread in the hot summer months because I don't like having the oven on that much, but as soon as the cooler fall and winter weather arrive, I'll be at it again.  Here are a few pictures of some of the breads, if I can post more than one image122040769_4136545203039085_4934105705063209797_n.jpg122990715_4155025637857708_8221182703766929893_n.jpg20200505_172654.jpg on here.  The one with the slices of jalapeno on top is the jalapeno cheddar bread.   

@ciao_bella   Your loaves are absolutely beautiful.....

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Breadbaking is not only pleasant and joyful, it has always been a satisfying adventure into creativity for me....

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I love all baking, but bread is my favorite.  There's something about baking it from scratch and the way my home smells while it's in the oven.  Delicious!  Happy baking!

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I like making bread occasionally using my bread machine and finishing in the oven.  I have a honey oat recipe I really like better than store-bought for a sandwich style bread, but I wouldn't want to HAVE to make it for us to have bread.

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We make about 90 percent of our bread in Zojirushi bread machines, using organic flour (3/4 or more whole wheat in each loaf, pizza, bun, roll, etc.). 


We use the 1 lb. one most often.  It is fabulous bread!