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Does anybody still use a breadmaker?  Any suggestions on a good one?  I have been using the one I have for several years now and it still works fine but I'm getting tired of pulling the paddles out of the bottom of the loaf.  Thought about getting a new one and would like some suggestions.

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I wore mine out. I would love a new one especially now it's cooling off. Can't wait to hear.

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I purchased a Zojirushi breadmaker a couple of years ago. I previously had another brand that stopped working and I thought it worked well, but the crust would come out so hard that even an electric knife was tough to get through it.  I did a lot of research to purchase another. The Zojirushi is hands down the best on the market. It is not cheap. But, I use it all the time and it has paid for itself ten times over. It makes horizontal loaves (my previous breadmaker made vertical), and I purchased bread bags specifically for the larger loaves that this machine produces. The bags actually make the bread look store bought - love them for my own bread storage, but they make a nice presentation for giving. There r several recipes in the book that comes with the machine, but the Internet provides thousands more. I make pizza dough all the time in this breadmaker and everyone loves it. Makes an excellent crust with a crispness and u can get 2 - 12" round pizzas out of one cycle. It has a wonderful delay feature - put your ingredients in (as long as the recipe doesn't call for eggs) and set the time that U want it to be done. U can actually wake up to the smell of a fresh loaf of bread. Although I haven't tried these - the machine can also produce jams, cakes, meatloaf (? - odd but true).  Can't say enough about this machine - it is flawless. 

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Still using the Panasonic bread maker we bought years ago. Love it. I know they are cheaper now, but our old one still works beautifully. I will start using it again once the really cool weather arrives. 

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Same here. I would love a model with a smaller footprint. My old Panasonic runs great, but the unit is bulky and takes up too much counter space.  

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I have the mini zo. It was a bit pricey, but I love it. It is just my DH and me so a smaller loaf is just what we need. I use it to just make dough and bake in the oven, I make my pizza dough in it, many different kinds of bread and dough for cinnamon rolls, among other things. I highly recommend Zo bread machines.

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I store mine in the closet out of the way. Bought a Cuisinart from Bed and Bath with 20% off coupon. Used it once to make sure it worked, then, will drag out in winter. Bean soup and bread, rules. LOL

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I got my TFAL bread maker free with reward points, so I didn't research it . It works really well, and though I don't use it often I'm glad I have it. 

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The delay feature is the most used feature on mine.  I either set it to have fresh bread for breakfast or fresh bread for dinner when I get home.  Thanks for the info.  Will look into the Zojirushi.

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That's what I have now.  It is an Emeril actually made by TFal.  Like I said it is a darn good breadmaker but I don't like the way it tears the bottom of the bread trying to dig out the paddles.