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Does anyone recall their mother making bread?  Back in the day we only had AP flour.  I wonder if you kneaded longer it would make a difference?  It is the keading that develops the gluten.  Perhaps there is a way to double process the bread in the mackine if you are going to remove it to be baked anyway.  I have used AP in the bread machine and while it is not objectionable I do not think it is quite the same.


That being said daughter in law could not find Bread flour this weekend, used AP in her machine and family had no objections.

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@kitty60 I had a really good laugh. MY mother making bread is a picture that I cannot even imagine!  

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I REALLY wanted to get that breadmaker, but I knew the given situation at the stores, that bread flour or any flour is hard to get right now. thats the only thing that stopped me from getting it........ Smiley Sad I hope this works out for you.

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I quit using Gold Medal long time ago always doing a 'buggy' recall.


King Arthur and White Lily is what I use.


I'm really surprised flour is so hard to find right now ? I didn't think anybody cooked any more let alone baked.  Must be using it for something else.

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Bread flour has a higher protein content and a higher gluten %.  If you can find vital wheat gluten, you will get a much nicer loaf of bread.  Happy baking