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I bought one. I am single and think this would be great. I can make so many fresh items with this Ninja.

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Does anyone know if we can buy the recipe booklet that comes with the TSV.  I have this that I purchased some time ago and I absolutely love it but would like the recipe booklet.


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I looked and looked and almost let myself be talked into buying one, but I can't figure out why I need it. I would not give up my cuisinart, and we have a high-power blender for ice drinks, smoothies, etc. This would duplicate the functions of what are no doubt better products already taking up space in the kitchen. I really confused myself when I stopped  to look at other Ninja products online, including one for on QVC for only $10 more, which had two containers vs. one and also a far more powerful one than this. Would I be selling myself short with this? Finally, I gave up and realized I was trying to talk myself into something that I just don't need.

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@IamMrsG wrote:

ChiliPepper wrote, in part: We use ours often for...Salad dressings.


@ChiliPepper, or anyone who knows, with the motor on and running, is there a way to drizzle in olive oil for making emulsions?



Unfortunately, no.

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I bought mine a few years back.  I love it.


I mostly use it to "grind" potatoes for potato pancakes and kuegla.  My Dad's favorite dishes!  I scramble eggs in it.  So fluffy. Yum!


I tried making "adult" drinks with it. It's pretty good, but the NutriBullet 900 is better.  NutriBullet isn't just for veggies and fruit!



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@IamMrsG - During the TSV presentation last night, the product rep opened the pour spout on the lid and added a liquid to what was processing in the Ninja. 

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@IamMrsG - During the TSV presentation last night, the product rep opened the pour spout on the lid and added a liquid to what was processing in the Ninja. 





Oh yes, I forgot that! So sorry!!!


There is a little pour spout that lifts where you could pour something in while its running.


Duh Chili LOL!!!


Thanks for the catching that LoveToChat!!!!

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For the person who asked if it was me on air this am, yes it was. I get so nervous for some reason. Also for the one who mentione that I said I would get it tomorrow, I live on the west coast and it was 9pm when I watched the presentation with Ric so I was thinking when I get up the next day I would order.

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I bought one. The price was right!

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@ChiliPepper wrote:

We use ours often for smoothies, make a lot of fresh fruit smoothies.


Salads like egg salad, tuna salad etc.


General chopping of onions, nuts etc.


We make "sherbet" or "ice cream".


Dips, gravies, salsas.


Slushy frozen-ish margaritas etc.


Bread crumbs, crackers crumbs, cookie crumbs for toppings.


Salad dressings.


Milk shakes (of course!!!)




Hi @ChiliPepper  Smiley Happy


Thanks for the list of suggestions!  I make our salad dressings from scratch and can think of a couple that should be even better using the Ninja to blend more evenly.


Got the turquoise!