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Ant Week at the Ol' Homestead

Yup. They've arrived.


It's always so much fun to watch the single "explorers" scurry around seeking any food possibility. They discovered some crumbs under my toaster oven and ran back to the colony to bring out the troops.


I've always done pretty well with the "disrupt their chemical trail" strategy, but this year's visitors seem to have their own wi-fi system.


Might be a good time to share some best solutions.



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Re: Ant Week at the Ol' Homestead

equal amounts of powder sugar and baking soda.

Ants can't tell the difference.  Sugar attracts them,

baking soda kills them.

Good luck

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Re: Ant Week at the Ol' Homestead

I had great success with Terro Liquid Ant Baits.  I used them last year for both the tiny and large black ants and so far I have only seen a few of the big ants which I have promptly done away with.  Normally, they are a problem for me starting in April / May but not so this year.  I am hoping they went back to the nest and killed the queen.


I think Walmart and Target carry this brand.  The Raid ant cups are a waste of money for me.

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Re: Ant Week at the Ol' Homestead

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@PickyPicky2   My mom uses the Terro brand and has good luck getting rid of ants.  I had them so bad at my house, winter, summer, spring, and fall, that I finally gave up myself and had Orkin come spray around my house.  He said that he hadn't seen so many ants like were around my house.  I swear they built this house on a giant ant hill.  One morning I awoke to a line of ants 30 feet long coming in the front and going through the living room, pass the dining room, and into the kitchen for one dry piece of dog food.  I even found some in the electrical outlets behind the plate.


That was about 5 years ago and they come and spray every 2 months, and I have only seen 2 ants in the last five years in my house. 


They are still out in the yard, but it's about 50 feet away from the house so I just deal with those when I come across them when digging in my garden.


Good luck, they are a miserable problem to have.

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Re: Ant Week at the Ol' Homestead

I use 20 Mule Team Borax powder laundry booster, sweep it into the baseboards of the kitchen where I think the ants are coming in from.  The ants carry it back to the nest and it destroys the entire nest of ants.  You can also mix it 1 part sugar to 3 parts 20 Mule Team.  This isn't the same liquid borax that is toxic, however they do have a warning that "as in all detergents, it is harmful to pets".  I have also used vinegar and water to destroy their trails, and in disparation this spring, used Mr Clean Clean Freak mist, sprayed directly on them and killed them quickly, cleaned them up, then lightly sprayed the area again and didn't see them reappear in the same location.

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Re: Ant Week at the Ol' Homestead

Terro liquid ant baits work well for me. I used to wake to a sea of ants in the sink and up the walls every day.  So frustrating.  They were nasty in one of the bathrooms.


You have to let them go to the bait and carry it to the nest but it will work.  Often they get greedy and drown in the solution.  At the first sight of any ant (even one) I put one (or several) out.  If nothing else they serve as a monitor of activity, even if there's not a large infestation.


Since I discovered Terro I haven't had much of a problem.  I always keep some on hand. Those other "traps" are useless.



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Re: Ant Week at the Ol' Homestead

Wrigleys Peppermint Gum

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Re: Ant Week at the Ol' Homestead



I would have said the exact same post as you.  I've had the same ant experience that you posted last year and this. I'm not sure where you live.. I'm in NC.


Hope I didn't just jinx myself though Smiley Surprised


Terra ant baits !

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Re: Ant Week at the Ol' Homestead

I have something called 'Advion Ant Gel' that the bug guy gave me.  It works and it works very well.  One time, in a season, and that's that.


It looks like a little fat syringe.  You put out just a drop of it.  They take it back to the nest and that's all she wrote.   


The first time wasn't amusing as it seemed like they were worse.  But you have to be patient that day.  I called the bug guy and he told me to just let it be and I'll see that they will come to get it but by the next day nothing and nothing for the rest of the season.


For whatever reason I had zero success with the bait-type things over the years.


This year and last year I cannot help wondering if my little mousies outside took care of the problem because I had zero ants whereas in all the previous years I'd see them every Spring show up in my kitchen.   I always thought it was odd, as I totally do not leave food out in any way.   But it occurred to me that, being that they are very tiny, it could be any tiny scrap that I might not see.

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Re: Ant Week at the Ol' Homestead

Home Defense no odor, no residue it works inside and outside. Wal Mart and Lowe's have it. I spray around the perimeter of the garage, foundation, porch and patio.