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@2blonde wrote:

@Group 5 minus 1  ITA.  If the gems don't go completely around my wrist, then forget it.  I only have 5" wrists, and I don't want a bunch of long dangly things hanging off my wrist......but if you don't tighten them, the gems will drop down underneath.  I think it's just a way for them to save money.

@2blonde. ....or not get stuck with unpurchased bracelets in 6 1/2”, 7 1/4”, and 8”. It’s the same reason I dislike the one size fits all bangles w/ a message charm. 

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I loved wearing bracelets in High School......but when I worked...they got in the way.


Lately, since I retired, I started wearing some of the gold bracelets that my Mom left me and have purchased a few more silver ones....

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Re: adjustable bracelets

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I love them!  I wear an 8" or large-size bangle, so I am usually either left out because that size is not offered or it sells out super fast (I'm not just talking about QVC, but all jewelry retailers).


As long as the adjustable part is also a precious metal (I usually get sterling or gold over sterling) I think they are fabulous.  I have several byzantine adjustable bracelets, and some diamond-cut beaded ones.


I do not like the cord-style adjustable ones -- they just look like someone made it in Michaels on a rainy afternoon.  That's why I don't like those Lola Rose adjustable bracelets and necklaces on the Q. 

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Re: adjustable bracelets

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I have several shamballa bracelets or "disco ball" bracelets that have these pull cords so to speak but they are meant to be that way.  It's the nature of that type of bracelet.  I also have a Lola Rose bracelet from back when they were on HSN.


The ones they are doing now on all the shopping channels IMO is just a way to make a bracelet cheaper and to me they look cheap.  They almost look like those add-a-bead bracelets that you couldn't afford to finish.


That being said, I did buy a Belle Luce adjustable bracelet from JTV.  It was cheap which is why I bought it.  As I suspected, after not much time, the silicone inside the bead has loosened or something and the bead no longer stays where I put it.  It works its way down and the bracelet is way too big, nearly falling off my wrist.


I also think this is just a trendy phase that will soon be gone.  I would never spend a decent amount of money on these.   

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I really like these braclets, I was wondering does anyone know when she will be back with new styles? I went over the the qvc uk website to check out other styles she had there and made of a list of the ones I really liked. She has two that a little bigger then the london for people who like that braclet but want it a little larger, they are called farringdon and camden. I really like the hillarie, farrah, darcy, denise and erskine. Hope she brings these to us here. I went to her facebook page but couldnt find any info there. 

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@GSPgirl wrote:

@ncascade wrote:

Really dislike them.

Me too. They look cheap and will look dated  soon. 

Any bracelet can look cheap depending on the material, stones, etc.  LOL


I like them but can't wear them to work because the dangle gets in the way.

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It's funny - you either love 'em or hate 'em - there's nothing in between!  I love them because I have small wrists and have trouble finding bracelets to fit me.  I also like it because I don't have to struggle trying to clasp them.  I have noticed more and more sizing being done on bracelets on the shopping channels in general, though, and most times the size smalls work for me.  A complaint on one I just bought recently is that the slide doesn't appear to have silicone in it, so it's really rough and hard to get it to slide back and forth.