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We are going away for a week in Feb. How do you pack your jewelry. How can I keep my chains from getting tangled up ? Thanks. 

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I only take a few pieces of jewelry when I travel and I wear a chain or two the first travel day. That way I don't have to worry about them getting knotted up. I have a small jewelry roll that I use for a couple of rings and bracelets and an extra pair of earrings. I wear my favorite watch and sometimes take a casual one for the beach/pool. I hate traveling with a ton of "stuff" that I never wear!

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The only jewelry that I take when I travel is the jewelry that I wear on a daily basis.  I find it too easy to misplace things when you are unpacking and trying to keep track of everything.

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I've really sized down what I take traveling.  I only take what I wear on a daily basis. Wedding ring, earrings that work with everything, and my angle wing necklace I wear everyday. It saves a lot of hassel. 

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@recipeholic  To keep chains from tangling home or away, purchase small ziplock bags (they're available at pharmacy section of drugstores to put pills in). Put the chain inside leaving about 1/2" out beyond where the bag closes. When the bag is closed a little bit of chain will be hanging out (clasped). For statement necklaces or larger diameter chains, you can use sandwich size ziplocks. I also put rings & earrings separately in the small ziplock bags. To travel, I take only a few things that are versatile enough to wear w/ everything. I stack the bags in a small cardboard gift box...whatever size you need & put a rubber and around it. Never take anything sentimental or expensive when you travel. I  have a Diamonique wedding set and Diamonique studs so I can leave my real jewelry at home. Just travel w/ silver chains/pendants and changes of silver earrings. 



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I have never done this....but have heard using straws works to keep necklaces from getting tangled

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You have received some excellent suggestions for keeping your chains from tangling.  I was going to suggest the jewelry roll, I always used one when I traveled with jewelry.


I now only take what I am wearing.  I am too afraid it will get stolen if I carry it in my purse or leave it in a hotel room.  Even in one of those little hotel safes.  And I would NEVER check it in at the front desk for them to put into their safe. I personally know of a case where the jewelry was taken from the safe by an employee looking to embarass the company. (How do I know you ask?  Because I was the investigating officer from the police department. It was two BEAUTIFUL antique rings. Both were recovered but the "perpetrator" lost his job and was jailed. All because he wanted to embarass his employer!!!)


I used to travel with jewelry but then had to either carry it with me in my purse (worried about it all the time) or left it in the hotel room safe (worried about it all the time.) Made me miserable!


I also once read a story about the founder of weight watchers who had a jewelry pouch with a LOT of jewelry disappear from her purse while being checked through at the airport. I don't know if it really happened, but I never forgot it. I don't want to let my jewelry out of my sight!!!!

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@racada wrote:


I have never done this....but have heard using straws works to keep necklaces from getting tangled

Using straws was a suggestion I got from a poster on these boards.  I use them at home for my necklaces.  Works great!  As others have said, take as little as possible and nothing of value or anything you would be afraid of losing.  I use a small jewelry box that I actually bought on QVC years ago.  On one side there's a place for earrings and on the other for necklaces.  Have been using it for travel, and we travel a lot, for years and works great.  Don't know if it's available anywhere anymore.

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I travel a lot and it differs what kind of jewelry I take.  Never take more than a pouch full and it's in my purse.  If DH and I have to go through AP security I always go first and he puts purse in basket right before he goes (he needs more time due to medical issues) and I am done so immediately retrieve it.  If it's a cruise I take more stuff (except Brazil where we didn't take even watches and wedding bands--it was that dangerous), if it's the beach it's just what I wear all the time.