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I have been buying from JTV for a few years now, have always been pleased with my purchases, I like the insuance they offer on your investments and I have purchased real gold, gemstone jewlery and Bella Luce which is their Diamonique and I have to say better quality. In my opinion Diamonique quality has gone down hill. It is not what it use to be and there is very little new items ever presented plus the shows are few and far between. You have a 30 day same as the Q return. Customer service is great, and so is the shipping. Buy something small and try them out.


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Re: Question about JTV

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I've bought Moissanite and Bella Luce from JTV and it's good. 


Oh and also strontium titanate. I call that 'poor-man's Moissanite'!

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I bought a gorgeous Bali gemstone bracelet and I love it and get compliments everytime I wear it.  

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Re: Question about JTV

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They sell very cheap jewelry wrapped in attractive packages.  Their Bella Luce is worlds better looking then most Diaminique.  Also their styles are much  more innovative.  Stunningly beautiful sometimes, that fake diamond is gold mine for them sales wise.  Gold wise, it's mostly 10K and also very low gram weight.  You will see necklaces in 10K with 3 grams for example.  Once inf a while, they do have 14K (mostly pendants)  Anything that will keep the price low.  Most of their gems are semi precious and often are simulates and real gems are  most frequently cabochons.  I'm a sucker like everyone else and actually purchased a Bella Luce.  It's "dancing diamond" type style a ring.  And I LOVE it.  Because I wear it so much, it will peeling off everything it has on it. LOL.  Everything is bathed in rhodium and depending on what type of jewelry you buy (ring, bracelet, necklaces etc) it will not stay on very long.  Anywhere from 6 months to 10 years.

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I've had all my JTV jewelry for years and have never had a rhodium-plated item wear off.

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Re: Question about JTV

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14K Gold and gemstones - I buy all of my 14K gold from them.

All of my Chrome Diopside and all of my GRAPE garnet from them.

I have several LARGE peachy-Pink Cor_De-Rosa morganites from them, I'm creating my own setting working with a local jeweler.


I just got my 3K Tanzi in 14K white gold with Diamonds ring - it is OUTSTANDING. 

A deep blue with flashes of purple and red, a stunner.


I like the offerings in 14k Yellow or White gold, their prices are great.


I purchased a 2+K Tanzinite set in platinum ring today, cannot wait to get it.


Peruse their website - plug in what you're looking for and - happy shopping.

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I've never bought anything from them but do sometimes watch their gold shows. If they don't give the gram weight look it up on the website. The other day one of the hosts was raving about a 20" rope chain (10K I think) that was over $100 - about how she had NEVER offered a deal like that. I looked it up and it was barely over 1 gram. For 20 inches. Sheesh.

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@michmi wrote:

I've had all my JTV jewelry for years and have never had a rhodium-plated item wear off.

I have never had rhodium plated items wear off either.

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@Annabellethecat66   I discovered JTV about a year ago and have ordered several rings and quite a few pins from them. I have been very happy with all my purchases and the delivery is rapid-fast. The hosts are pleasant.....I enjoy the channel. 

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They have been around for about 40 years, they arent new.  I've been buying jewelry from them for well over 20 years.  I like that jewelry is all they sell.  They do sell jewelry at all price points and materials.  My husband bought my 20th anniversary band from them, 3cts.  It's stunning.  I paid $3000, a few years ago it appraised at $12,000.  I have many things from them and I have only had a handful of disappointments that I returned and received a refund.  Just like with any shopping channel, you cannot get an idea of what they sell by just looking at the tv programs.  Most of what they sell, isn't on tv.  Check out their website and play around to see if JTV appeals to you.