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On 1/28/2014 Luv Chanel and Ripka said:

I have wondered the same thing Pepper. I have looked and called CS and was told we could no longer purchase it. I loved getting that magazine. I wish I could get it again.

Hi Luv Chanel & Ripka & all of you who answered me, I haven't called CS yet again. I do miss the paper copy of the Insider also. I understand about things getting expensive to print & mail but sometimes its nice to just look at a paper copy!!

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I received my Feb issue today.

April is Autism Awareness/Acceptance month.
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I also received notice but called customer service as I was told there was an option.You could either go online or have it mailed. I chose the mailed version as that is what I prefer.


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On 1/24/2014 Pepper22 said:

Thank you, waterbaby & ennui for your info. I will contact them tomorrow. It seems like everything is going to electronic only. I still like some things paper...

If you really want paper, the online version has a button that allows you to download it as a PDF file and you can print it or just print the pages you're interested in. I like the PDF version because I can use Ctrl+F to search for words and find things faster.