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Where is Peyton Kelly?
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He is gone. No idea why. He was with the Q for many years. The jewelry buyer who was often on, David Markstein I believe, is also gone. 

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Peyton Kelly! Painfully missed. He was one of a kind.
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Maybe they shifted him to HSN - ha!

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Looks like the smart ones jumped ship!!

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He's gone from Qvc and it's a no brainer that Qvc parted ways with him.  Probably because their jewelry was under performing and they wanted shake things up with two new gemologists who are more personable,  worked as shopping channels hosts and and fresh, new personalities.  

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I think they wanted him to sell out his principles.  At least what I have seen from mystery turquoise.

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I wished QVC would tell their viewers he was leaving!  I enjoyed his knowledge & facts on gems.  I will miss Peyton, Good Luck & God Bless him.

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According to his Facebook page he left May 1 and what he inferred was he was not retiring or had other plans for his career.  He was with QVC for 18 years.