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Re: New Diamonique - IN LOVE!!!

@SilleeMee wrote:

I wish there was a way to shop Diamonique by stone color. When I search under 'new' There doesn't appear to be very many colored stone choices.


I agree. I wish it were easier to use the search feature on the QVC web site to search for Diamonique in colors.


I have been impressed with some of the colored Diamonique earrings that I've stumbled upon and purchased. I just wish it was easier to find them on the web site.


By the way I've found some surprisingly lovely CZ earrings in color on Amazon. Found morganite-color studs for $15 that I love.


The problem with Amazon is that one has to be so very, very careful. So many of the items are not as they are described. Bought one pair of earrings that were described as sterling, but only the backs were sterling, the rest of the earring was silvertone. There are some lovely bargains on Amazon but it's definitely buyer-beware.

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Re: New Diamonique - IN LOVE!!!

I prefer JTV's Bella Luce over Dmq because the carat weights are much more reasonable.  Yes they do have honkers in the Bella line but they have a lot of  Bella in the 1-2ct range.  Jtv has 9715 pieces in their Bella line.  I also like that when Jtv discontinues a diamond piece, they often make an identical copy of it in Bella.