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Maybe I’m late to the table here, but Lisa Mason is on JTV selling a line of jewelry called LoveMore by Lisa Mason. It’s pretty. 

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Thank you.  I didn't know that. 

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Yes  Thank you. 

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She has just been doing it for a couple of months so you aren't really behind very much.

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I am watching Lisa right now and really enjoy listening to her.  I did not even realize that we had the JTV channel.  While I do not wear very much jewelry, I have always liked her and wish her success on this venture.

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I adore Lisa Mason as I live and breathe!  I don't get this channel, would love to see her and hear her voice....   Heart

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Yes, she's been selling her line on JTV for a year or more.  I think it's all cubic zirconia so it doesn't interest me.  She is selling her signature ring.

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I thought her line was reasonably priced and pretty.  She has a nice demeanor as a host/ vendor....she has been through a lot with her husband being so ill. Nice to see her back.


I know she has a few previous attempts to work selling a tooth product and as a host AGAIN on QVC which were short lived.  Must be why she did not come back to sell her line of jewelry on QVC. 

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Her line is sterling silver pieces in addion to some cubic zirconia items. She's using JTV's line, Bella Luce. I think it's pretty. The chains on the silver pieces look substantial. I haven't bought anything yet, but that's because I'm trying to cut back, lol. 

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I'm pretty sure you can watch online at the website.


I'm a regular viewer of the Jewel School shows -- they've inspired me to make my own jewelry. I'm still gathering supplies and watching vids and reading before I make the jump into actual creation.